PART I: Building a Strong Foundation

Chapter 1 - Reading in Law School

Chapter 2 - Basic Briefing: Developing an Initial Strategy for Managing Cases

Chapter 3 - Advanced Thinking Leads to Advanced Reading

Chapter 4 - Expert Reading: A New Take on a Familiar Skill

PART II: Mastering Reading in a Law School Casebook

Chapter 5 - Engage with Energy

Chapter 6 - Monitor Your Reading and Read for the Main Idea

Chapter 7 - Always (Always!) Read with a Clear Purpose

Chapter 8 - Get Oriented and “Own” Your Prior Knowledge and Experience

Chapter 9 - There’s More to the Five Ws (Who, What, When, Where, and Why) Than Meets the Eye

Chapter 10 - Evaluate What You’re Reading – Your Ideas Matter

Chapter 11 - Review, Rephrase, Record

Chapter 12 - Reading in Law School Casebook Reading: A Summary

Part III: Moving Beyond the Casebook

Chapter 13 - Reading Statutes

Chapter 14 - Reading Cases Outside of Casebooks

Chapter 15 - Reading on a Screen

Chapter 16 - Conclusion